6 Week Coaching Groups

A new world is unfolding with the advent of the coronavirus pandemic. Rather than surviving a few weeks, we now turn our attention to planning for the next 90 Days. That’s what these online, temporary (and free) coaching groups are all about.

Outcomes from these 6-Week Coaching Groups

Activate a Custom 90 Day Plan

Build a 90-Day plan that gives you and your church confidence to practically go make and mobilize disciples in the midst of this pandemic and quarantine, while dealing with practical aspects like staff work, finances, technology, etc.

Friends on Mission for the Journey

Weekly check-ins, trouble-shooting, live best practices, and mutual encouragement to build a needed sense of commraderie and togetherness with leaders in the same boat.

Mobilize your Church into Mission

Helps you and your church practically step into the mission of God in this critical moment. It’s about mobilizing the people of God into all the cracks and crevices of your city.

You’ve survived the first month. But this thing isn’t ending any time soon.

What’s the plan now?

The Why:

This crisis is not only a pastoral and leadership moment that must be met in each local church, but it creates a unique opportunity for the Gospel to advance in the North American church in the midst of quarantine. 

The What:

These temporary coaching groups last for 6 weeks. They are designed to help you formulate a practical, innovative, 90-Day plan to keep the mission of Jesus front and center in the midst of our current crisis. They will also help pastors combat isolation, loneliness and fatigue as we mutually encourage one another on.

The How:

We will meet once a week for 90 minutes on the Zoom video platform. We will not only provide a framework for creating your custom plan, but the calls will have a lot of time devoted to live troubleshooting and coaching. (And did we mention it’s free?)

The Who:

This is a collaborative initiative led by the SEND Institute and Catapult and is being relationally and financially supported by a diverse segment of denominations, networks and faith-based non-profits.

A few of the Coaches Serving this Initiative

Daniel Yang

Doug Paul

Todd Milby

Will Plitt

We will use this simple framework for your map of how to plan moving forward.

Phase 1:


Big Win: Pause and Innovate

Phase 2:


Big Win: Prepare & Plan

Phase 3:


Big Win: Fight the Crisis

Phase 4:


Big Win: Recover & Reemerge

Your 90 Day Plan will include these three key ingredients:

Disruptive Innovation

Movemental Leadership

Spiritual Formation

The average coaching call lasts 75-90 minutes. What does that time look like?

  • Practical Content Input  (20-30 minutes)
  • Workshopping (20 minutes)
  • Troubleshooting and sharing (30 minutes)
  • Prayer

Pick the time on Mondays that best fits your schedule for the next 6 weeks:

Mondays @ 11am EST

Mondays @ 1pm EST