Pioneer Innovation Lab

This Lab is for the few pioneering pastors who see the giant, wide-open Gospel opportunity that COVID-19 pandemic has created. They don’t want to miss the moment.

Choose one of the following: In less than 3 months, we’ll help you get your innovation on the road.

Plant a Church

It’s impossible to do a launch large strategy right now. Heck, we can’t even meet in buildings. But there might not be a more fertile time to plant a church in our lifetime.

Launch a New Kind of Group

You’re seeing that your group life strategy isn’t cutting mustard. Or maybe you just want to take it to the next level. Now’s the time to experiment and find the future of your community life.

Start a new City Network

You know what’s better than ONE city network of churches looking to plant churches together? TWO. Pastors are starting to collaborate more and more right now and there’s fresh ground to take. 

About the Pioneer Innovation Lab

(Rich and Doug do a 120 second video about the Lab)

They say that “neccesity is the mother of invention.”

During this pandemic, innovation has moved from a nicety to a necessity.

So let’s find the future of the church by innovating together.

How the Pioneer Innovation Lab Works

You Pick
the Innovation

What’s the thing you want to pioneer, experiment and innovate on in the next three months. Let’s go.

Step into our Collaborative Process

Leaning hard into group learning, we walk through the 5 Phases of Gospel Innovation together.

Regular Rhythm of  Building Together

For three months, we’ll have regular rhythms of building, iterating and troubleshooting your innovations together.

Let’s Launch it Live (and learn)

We’ll get the prototype on the road fast so we make the most of this Kingdom oppenness and opportunity.

Some details you’ll be asking about.

What are the actual mechanics of this process?

Choose your Innovation

Choose the innovation you want to go after: Plant a church, launch a new kind of group, multiply a new city network. We get you in the cohort that’s best suited for you.


Phase 1

Phase 1 lasts for 5 weeks and involves a weekly, 90-minute Zoom call. It’s about designing and discerning, building with scaleability as the end in mind.

Phase 2

Phase 2 lasts for 2 months and involves a bi-weekly, 90-minute Zoom call. It’s about launching, iterating, evaluating and scaling your innovation.

It Lasts 3 Months

The whole process lasts for 3 months, and walks out, in real time, the proprietary process for Gospel Innovation we use (see more info on that below) to help leaders get custom innovation.

A few of the people helping
to lead the Innovation Lab

Doug Paul

Rich Robinson

Patrick O'Connell

Dave Ferguson

Todd Milby

Andy Graham

Eric Metcalf

Jon Ferguson

Our Master Tools &
the Process of Gospel Innovation






To help you get your mind around this process, here’s an example of another kind of Innovation Lab we lead with pastors and church teams.
It produces a different innovative outcome, but uses the same process.

Registration Details

  • Cost:
    Normally this three-month process is $3,000. While we are not formally asking for payment for this Lab, we’d ask you to prayerfully consider “paying it forward” for future pastors who will need a scholarship. (Even if it’s only a partial amount). This allows us to continue to offer services based on Gospel opportunity and not financial availability. We want everyone to have access to this kind of process.
  • Kickoff:
    The Lab kicks off on Tuesday, May 5 @ 3pm EST.
  • Registration:
    Once you register, you’ll receive a confirmation email with details and next steps. That will include the option to “pay it forward” for a future participant.