Details: February 23 @ 2:30pm ET

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All of the challenges that leaders are facing right now are going to have a lasting impact on church life in North America. There are ways that the fundamental landscape of “church life” has shifted and we are going to create a new normal to move forward in the mission of God with confidence. A key way of doing this intentionally (and not accidentally!) is through simple practices and language. 

One of the things that Dave and Jon Ferguson discovered at Community Christian Church was a set of simple practices that if a church embraces and lives out, given enough time, can dramatically shape and change the culture of that group of people. 

In this 60 minute, conversational webinar with the Ferguson brothers, we are going to:

  • Get the back story on how these practices were created
  • Mine out the principles behind why they work
  • Hear some leadership lessons (success and failures) as they were pressed them into the culture
  • Spend some time discussing what they would do differently
  • Dive into lots of Question & Answer so the learning can be contextualized to your church

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