We help leaders build healthy non-profits that scale.

When you reach a Pivotal Moment in your organization,
it should be good news.

There are inflection points in the lifecycle of every organization, where the vision of what could be crashes into the reality of what is. We call this a Pivotal Moment

Most leaders are able to spot these moments. Some leaders try to navigate them alone. Great leaders realize they need help, increased margin, and expertise to make the moment count. 

That’s where we come in. We’re an innovation agency, with a full service shop, that helps leaders scale and activate their vision. 

We partner with leaders at pivotal moments.

Sometimes what you’re leading gets stuck and you’re not experiencing the breakthrough you once were. What you need, is a new innovation.

Other times, you have the innovation already, but what you need is to grow it for greater impact.

Either way, we can help.

Stories of Pivotal Moments

Like you, these leaders felt pivotal moment
coming and didn’t want to miss it.

7x Church Plants

Pivotal Moment: “We need to move from adolescence.”

We worked with the NewThing Global Team to plant more than 3200 churches in one year, and create a new trajectory for planting 25,000 churches over the next 5 years.

Discipleship Model that Works

Pivotal Moment: “Discipleship isn’t working at our church.”

Salem Chapel is a church that joined one of our Innovation Labs and over the course of a year, they created a new disciple-making pathway built on their unique DNA.

Opening Closed Countries

Pivotal Moment: “How do we find the next generation of missionaries?”

We’ve been working with a missions agency on their messaging and branding for an Initiative to open closed countries. As a result their mobilization department experienced 3X the number of applicants in 3 months than they had in the entire previous year.

Scalable Microchurch Training

Pivotal Moments: “How do we share what we’re learning?”

What’s happening with the Kansas City Underground is truly the stuff of the future. So we’ve been working with their leaders to multiply Hubs of Microchurches in cities across North America.

From 19 cities to 96 cities

Pivotal Moment: “How do we reach more cities?”

We’ve been working with Christ Together for a number of years with gospel saturation, not only deepening their impact in the cities they’re engaging but reproducing expressions to 96+ cities.

Double the Funding in a Year

Pivotal Moment: “How do we create an economic engine that fuels a God sized vision?”

We helped an organization develop and implement strategic plan that included messaging, fundraising, shared resourcing, and innovative models that doubled their annual revenue. 

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Gone are days feeling frustrated, alone and uncertain. You’ll increasingly feel brave, known and equipped to join Jesus in changing the world.