We’ve worked with 1300+ nonprofits and helped raise almost a billion dollars. So we’ve learned a lot along the way about creating and activating a winning strategy that scales impact.

These are the 8 Secrets we’ve learned about what makes a winning strategic plan.

You’ll learn…

  • How to raise more than $1M through your strategic planning process
  • How to build the right design team for your strategic plan. Trying to create a great recipe? You need the right chefs.
  • How to create a razor sharp vision that everyone buys into and wants to own.
  • How to set expectations. You can’t measure success if you don’t know what success is.

In many ways, this Black Book shares Catapult’s secret sauce for strategy.

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5 Mistakes Nonprofits Make When Hiring a Consultant
5 Mistakes Nonprofits Make When Hiring a Consultant

In the complex world of nonprofits, hiring a consultant can feel like trying to figure out how to summon a wizard to solve your organization's most pressing challenges. While consultants possess a particular expertise, nonprofits can sometimes stumble into avoidable...

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Ready or Not: Kingdom Innovation for a Brave New World

There was a time when people of faith pioneered the future: From business to nonprofits, from mathematics to justice reform. Along the way, that redemptive, adaptive movement began to gild in gold the victories of the past, leaving us change averse and frozen-in-time.

But ready or not, the invitation is for kingdom leaders to reclaim their calling to innovate.

Weaving together stories with surprising twists, studies with striking conclusions, and spellbinding cultural analysis, innovation strategist Doug Paul unlocks the five phases of kingdom innovation. Practical, hope-filled, and endlessly readable, Ready or Not reveals that whenever people of faith have leaned into innovation, the world has shifted on its axis.

Mark Batterson

“Prepare to be surprised and delighted, and ultimately, roused to action.”

Danielle Strickland

“This book is coming at exactly the perfect moment…”

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