We believe every high impact organization should have clarity on the future, alignment across their organization and a strategy that works.

However, many high impact organizations are at a stage where they need help but do not have the budget to solicit the help they need. Some of these organizations include startups, under-resourced leaders in minority contexts, and mission driven agencies in the developing world where resources are not prevalent.

Last year we gave scholarships to 11 initiatives that equaled 12% of Catapult’s capacity.

We feel called to continue to serve these types of high impact but under-resourced organizations through scholarships.

We want to raise $150k to scholarship high impact nonprofits that serve overlooked and under resourced people.

When you partner with us, you can rest assured that your investment is making a difference. We’ll provide you with:

  • Quarterly updates on your ROI
  • Opportunities to interact and/or visit the recipients we are helping
  • Annual report on Catapult’s global impact

Thank you for considering this opportunity to make a lasting difference in organizations that serve leaders, vulnerable children, and minority leaders.

Your generosity can be the catalyst for meaningful change.