Custom Projects

We are an innovation agency, with a full service shop, that helps leaders scale their vision.

The Current Problem:

Sometimes what you’re leading gets stuck and you’re not experiencing the breakthrough you once were. What you need, is a new innovation. Other times, you have the innovation already, but what you need is to scale it so it can have far more impact. Either way, we can help.

A Custom Solution:

It’s got to be tailored to your organization’s unique strengths, challenges, context and vision. And most of all? It’s got to be built to last for a future that seems like it changes every-other-day. With a Custom Project, we take the core elements of our Innovation Lab and help you build and activate whatever you need. Not only will we build something that’s sustainable, we won’t leave until it works.

Things We Can Help You With

These are just a few of the capabilities we bring to the table to help serve your organization. You don’t need to use them all, but they’re here if you need them.

Organizational Development

Create the Future of your Ministry Model

Development & Diversifying Revenue Streams

Scalable Training Environments

Strategic Planning and Activation

Creative Development

Content Marketing & Digital Ad Funnels


Branding & Message Development

Web, Video, Print, Design and additional creative


Content Creation & Ghostwriting

People Development

Leader Intensives

Culture Making in Teams & Orgs


Outcome Focused Leader Coaching


Crisis Management

Here’s our process.

The Top 7 Reasons
Leaders Choose Custom Projects

There’s a “must win” initiative on your horizon

It’s time for a vision refresh

You need to raise a whole lot of money

The vision is clear, but in reality, it’s getting stuck

There's staffing capacity you need, but don't have

You’re launching a new initiative and you sense it’s an “inflection point moment”

The mission has plateaued and your looking for greater effectiveness

Step 1

Schedule a Call

Step 2

Join an Innovation Lab

Step 3

Design Your Custom  Ministry Model

Step 4

Activate & Iterate

Step 5

Find the Future Together

Schedule a call.

Catapult Group is a game changer! As a church planter it can be hard to clearly define my priorities as everything seems dire in the early stages. Catapult Group helped me to clearly define our North Star and align all my efforts and workload to support that vision. Without Catapult I would still be floundering on how to execute the vision the Lord gave us for our city.

Charlie Mitchell

Lead Pastor, Epiphany Church Baltimore

Catapult has provided us with top-shelf leadership enabling us to clarify, resource, and execute our national strategy for the re-evangelization of the nation. Because of their commitment to help us go further faster, we have been able to accelerate and expand our vision to reach North America. Their passion and commitment to partner with us in desiring to see the completion of the Great Commission in our lifetime inspires us toward the finish line.

Will Plitt

Executive Director, Christ Together

Over the past few years Catapult has engaged our ministry partners to help them refine their mission and vision and develop strategies for healthy growth and organizational stability. The process of working with The Catapult Team has been amazing. Their professionalism and experience exceeded all of our expectations. — Jim Hines, Missions Pastor, Summit Church, Southwest Florida

Jim Hines

Missions Pastor, Summit Church

The Catapult Team won our trust by helping us see the dynamics of our church more clearly through patient and insightful questions. They have been an invaluable help to us in clarifying our organizational purpose & strategies and then discerning strategic next steps in pursuing them more effectively. Their partnership has been a needed catalyst for effecting operational change and follow through.

Ryan Taylor

Lead Pastor, Apostles Church, NYC

The Catapult advantage begins with its people. Their team is gifted and equipped to assist organizations with developing their people and their strategy. They begin by listening well and developing an understanding of our organization. Our relationship with Catapult truly felt like partnership — they seemed like a part of our team.

Russ Holt

Executive Pastor, Crossroads Church, Columbia, SC