We help leaders build successful ministries that scale.

We help leaders
build successful
ministries that scale.

Stories of Scaling

Sometimes what you’re leading gets stuck and you’re not experiencing the breakthrough you once were. What you need, is a new innovation. Other times, you have the innovation already, but what you need is to scale it so it can have far more impact. Either way, we can help.

Strategies built for Spiritual Transformation


We help churches create group life strategies built for spiritual transformation & scalability. A church partner was able to experience 150% of people in group life compared to the Sunday gathering, by activating a custom strategy that they designed in an Innovation Lab.

Catalyzing Church Growth through Evangelism


We saw one church go from a struggling church plant to more than 4500 people. The catalyst for that growth? An evangelism strategy that we helped them activate where 41% of new growth came through new believers coming to faith. 

From Regional to National Influence

We helped a network increase their footprint from 19 cities to 93 cities, growing it by 74 cities. How? By helping them focus their message and codify their trainings, they were able to scale from an organization with regional impact to one with national influence

Like you, we know what it’s like to be out in front.

Feeling alone, wondering if you’re the only voice in the room thinking about an impossible future.
But what if your vision could become a reality? What if it could work?  That’s why we created Innovation Labs.

In an Innovation Lab we help you:

Identify & Fix Your
Biggest Pain Points

Perhaps you are experiencing a lack of organizational harmony, a team member underperforming, a lack in funding, or maybe it’s unclear and you need help identifying where the disconnect is? Whatever your pain point, we’ve been there, we can help.

Create a Tailored
Ministry Model

Most leaders need a custom ministry model. We help you mine out your mission, vision, theology, and context. Then, working together, we’ll craft something true to your culture, designing for kingdom innovation that has longevity.

Multiply & Scale
Your Impact

You need a plan that doesn’t just look good on paper, but works in real life
. We’ll coach you in how to implement your tailored plan, guiding you through the process, ensuring it reaches its fullest potential and has the greatest kingdom impact possible.

See it in Action:
Salem Chapel

Check in on Salem Chapel’s one year journey in the Innovation Lab in real time. We’ve got Case Studies with lots of various teams we’ve worked with, but this one we’ve digitally designed so you can track what’s happening, what they’re processing and where it’s all going.

See it in Action:
Salem Chapel

Check in on Salem Chapel’s one year journey in the Innovation Lab in real time. We’ve got Case Studies with lots of various teams we’ve worked with, but this one we’ve digitally designed so you can track what’s happening, what they’re processing and where it’s all going.

Step 1

Schedule a Call

Step 2

Join an Innovation Lab

Step 3

Design Your Custom  Ministry Model

Step 4

Activate & Iterate

Step 5

Find the Future Together

Content Highlights

Catapult Video Short:
The Scandal of Sunday School

The Red Herring of the Future Church Conversation

The last few months there's been a proliferation of articles and podcasts focused on what the "future of the North American church" will be. This is a natural thing, I suppose. As leaders start thinking and planning for a life on the other side of a global pandemic...

The Future of Discipleship

About once a quarter, Catapult invites five thought leaders (and practitioners) to share their insights around the same five questions, all geared around a certain topic. The topic this quarter? The Future of Discipleship. In almost every way we can measure, and every...

Screen Addiction, Discipleship & the new AA

Well I just finished leading a session at the "Future of the Church Summit" with Exponential and I wanted to share one idea I shared there. In fact, it's one that I've been thinking about for the last 18 months. ...but before I get there, let me set the stage about...

The Fatal Flaw of Discipleship Strategies

I've probably spent the last 15 years of my life trying things in the local churches I've led or with leaders I'm coaching or walking alongside to help them innovate discipleship strategies. And more recently at Catapult, we've been piloting some new strategies to...

How we got 10,000+ Leaders in Coaching Groups

When we started the COVID-19 coaching groups, Daniel Yang, Todd Milby, and I were hoping we’d have somewhere between fifty churches join in. As we continued to talk with leaders of other networks, we began to realize the number might be a little bigger, but our...

The Prophetic Voices We Do NOT Need Right Now

It’s not lost on anyone that the Western Church is in a state of upheaval right now with the spread of the novel coronavirus. People are losing their jobs, bills are piling up, church buildings remain empty and church finances are already beginning to creak.  Largely,...

6 Predictions that Didn’t Make the Cut

Recently, I released a 6-month project I worked on with a cultural anthropologist to make 10 Church Predictions for the next 10 Years. All told, we ended with a list of 31 predictions that we felt fairly confident in making. (You can download the PDF here.) But rather...

Futurist Church Series :: Where is “Missional” 10 Years on?

Ten years ago, the idea of "missional" was driving almost all conversations in leadership circles and I think it's fair to say 2009/10(ish) was the hay-day of the "missional conversation." But was there a difference between the "conversation" happening in evangelical...

How your Expertise is KILLING Innovation in your Church

 In 1990, a famous study was conducted by a student at Stanford named Elizabeth Newton. She got a group of people together and divided them into two sets: “Tappers” and “Listeners.” Here’s how the study worked: A Tapper was partnered with a Listener and each were...

What happens when the Church overvalues Education, Information & Theology? Heresy.

There's a fantastic story I've been thinking about the last few years. I certainly won't do the story justice, but I'll swing for the fences and hope to hit a triple, then give some thoughts at the end. ______________________ There's a man who is from Nepal, deep in...

Featured Giveaway

10 Church Predictions for the Next 10 Years

We spent 6 months working with a cultural anthropologist and a team of collaborators to put together something we think will not only be interesting, but wonderfully useful in this third decade of the millennium. (And only accelerated by the COVID-19 pandemic.)

See why 50,000+ people have downloaded this free ebook.

In these bold predictions, we’ll explore:

  • Why Buildings will go Bust
  • How there is going to be an evangelistic explosion coming from two unlikely places
  • Why a certain word is going the way of the dodo

…and that’s just a little teaser.

A few of the teams we’ve been working with:

Leaders want their ministry to succeed and scale...

but often the vision can feel like a pipe-dream. You’ve tried everything, you’ve even paid top dollar for a vision discovery weekend, but there’s no plan to execute it, and it’s still the status quo. If you could just get some traction, with the Holy Spirit’s leading, the world could change. 

Like you, we know what it’s like to be out in front, feeling alone...

unsure of the next steps, and wondering if you’re the only voice in the room thinking about the future. Before we learned to innovate and scale, we felt like our ministries were stalled out too. That’s why we created Innovation Labs. 

In an Innovation lab, we help you design and activate your custom plan...

This isn’t about you implementing our abstract ideology, it’s the beginning of the journey towards a custom playbook for your specific context, in a dynamic learning environment, with a tribe of like-minded leaders. To join a Lab, simply schedule a video call. Together we’ll unpack your ideas, hope, challenges and help tailor a path towards success.

This doesn’t have to be another year of the status quo

Don’t stay locked into a ministry model you aren’t sure is delivering. What if the vision God has given you isnt the problem? What if you just need some help getting there? Join an Innovation Lab. You’ll walk away with ministry innovation that works, traction tipping towards scale and hope for the future. Gone are days feeling frustrated, alone and uncertain. You’ll increasingly feel brave, known and equipped to join Jesus in changing the world.

Catapult is a game changer! As a church leader it can be hard to clearly define my priorities. Without them, I would still be floundering on how to execute the vision that the Lord has given our church for our city.

Charlie Mitchell

Epiphany, Baltimore MD

Working with Catapult was the impetus for bringing clarity and direction on the path forward for All Good Things. The team at Catapult is genuinely interested and dedicated to taking your organization to the next level.

Jonathan R. Parker

All Good Things, Greenville SC

The Catapult team worked with us to refine our brand communication. They helped us develop a plan true to our ethos and created tools that save us so much time and energy, allowing us to focus on the big picture.

Natalie Curry

FICM, Galway Ireland

Finding the future, together.

 Finding the future, together.