Leader Intensives

We work with leaders at pivotal moments of their lives.

It’s easy for leaders to lose focus and drift.

That’s why we’ve partnered with GiANT London. They have spent the last decade honing and refining these Intensives for C-Suite leaders.

As a not-for-profit, we feel called to offer this same experience to leaders like you, at a price you can afford without compromising on the breakthrough experience.

Leaders We Work With:

CEO's, Executive Directors and C-Suite Leaders

Are you a leader who’s led big things and feel like you’re needing to make decisions about your next season of life and leadership?

Socialpreneurs, Start-Ups and Pioneers

Have you successfully built something and are wondering if you should keep at it or move to something new?

Intensive Road Map

A Guided 5 Stage Process to Unlock your Preferred Future.

Session 1 - Wiring

Who are you and how have you been wired?

In this session we unpack your natural leadership strengths, challenges and predictive behaviors. We focus on understanding who you are at your very best and your very worst.

Session 2 - Calling

How can you to be faithful to what you’ve been called to do?

We take time to unpack your guiding values. We then will discover how you can be most impactful as you live out of who you are and orient you toward clarity about who you’ve been called to be.

Session 3 - Story

How can we ensure your experiences and tendencies aren’t limiting you?

This session is where you tell your story and we will explore how your past can help shape your future. 


Session 4 - Integration

How what we have learned will sharpen your leadership?

Here we connect the dots from the previous sessions by connecting nature, nurture and choice to the calling on your life. Together we’ll unpack your leadership kryptonite.


Session 5 - Plan

Build a bridge to your next season, with a reasonable, actionable plan.

In this final session we will create a plan together so that you can confidently say, “I know my next best step and this is what I’m being called to do!”

Ongoing Quarterly Check-In

We want to do everything we can to make sure your breakthrough sticks.

After completing the Intensive, we will schedule a quarterly check-in to ensure you stay on track. We also offer ongoing Leadership Coaching if healthy challenge, encouragement and accountability is what you need to stay the course.

A Proven Process to Discover a Faithful Future

Leader Intensive

Our process is designed to unpack different aspects of your leadership to not only help you understand yourself better, but to equip you with how to use that awareness to make you more effective at everything you do. As you arrive at clarity around this current pivot moment in your life, you’ll develop a Gameplan to put what you learn into practice.

 To hear more about what an Intensive could look like for you, available dates and price ranges, schedule a call: