About Catapult

We are an innovation and training shop. We partner with leaders of churches, denominations, networks, non-profits and missions agencies from all over the world. Learn more about our story and the values that drive us.


It’s a simple metaphor, really

Rather than the medieval contraption hurling things through the air, what we’re referencing is the catapult system that propels a jet off the deck of an aircraft carrier at 165MPH in under two seconds. What’s impressive about the catapult system is not what is seen on the surface, but what lies under the deck. Above deck, you see about two feet of metal on small track. But below? There’s a semi-truck-sized machine with unbelievable sophistication and power. In the world of naval warfare, this innovation was a gamechanger.

This is the posture we take as we engage those we serve. We want to be under the deck, significantly increasing the capacity of your team, propelling the God-sized vision He’s given you.

We’re an innovation and training shop for churches, denominations, networks, non-profits, and missions agencies, supporting you from under the deck to take you further, faster and into the future.

What we do

Disciple Making Innovation Labs

Churches build a custom disciple making models that not only help each disciple grow spiritually, but are built for mobilizing each person into mission and rapid reproduction.

Brave Coaching Cohorts

We train leaders in the three indispensable skillsets of the new world. Leaders without these skills are like a carpenter without a hammer. Our secret sauce is fully at work in this one-year coaching process.

Custom Consulting

Consulting is all about organizational development when you need something that is completely tailored to where you and your team are. Bringing in strategic outsiders with proven voices and genuine expertise is always a good move to get you going further, faster.

Schedule a video call and let’s talk!

Our Story

We are a collection of pastors who have worked together at various stages in our vocational ministry life. Some of us are from the United States, others of us from the post-Christian lands of Europe. We’ve planted churches, started non-profits, been used by God to catalyze movements, built buildings, consulted some of the largest and most influential churches in the Western hemisphere, lead mega churches and started rapidly reproducing decentralized expressions of the church and everything else in between. By the grace of God, he’s brought us together again to serve the wider church through this Innovation and Training Shop.

We are a team of people who believe that the church’s best days are ahead, but it will require a new set of skills and brave leaders who will step into the fray. More than anything, we still believe in the local church. We are all serving in various capacities on church staff, either in full time or part time roles.

One of the great joys of our life is that we get to serve local churches and make them the hero.

Take your Next Step with Catapult


Step 1: Fill out a Contact Form

We’ll get in touch with you within 24 hours to set up a call. In the mean time, download the Info Pack PDF you’re interested in for one of the offerings we have.

Step 2: Have a conversation to see if we’re a good fit

We hop on a Zoom Video call for a no-pressure conversation about your vision, what you need to happen, get a sense of where you’re at and your timeline requirements.

Step 3: Get a detailed plan

We send you a Custom Proposal, including scope and sequence, mapping out the concrete outcomes and a step-by-step plan.

What gets us out of bed in the morning


We exist to find the future of the church together.




Our whole selves


Only our minds




the Status Quo















How we work

We’ve been working in the social innovation space for more than a decade; studying it, experimenting with it and learning as we go. Most innovation centers around products, but with the Gospel, it centers around people. So it’s a different game. But what we’ve managed to do is develop a proprietary process around Gospel Innovation that allows us to lead teams through one of the most exciting, impactful journeys of their ministry life. In the end…it helps you get further faster. It helps future proof what God is leading you into.

What is Gospel Innovation?

It’s new, it works and it brings glory to Jesus.

Everything we do is based around the idea that you and your team need a unique innovation for the place and space God has called you to. To do that, we’ve developed. We’ve developed 5 Master Tools that we use to activate our innovation process.


We must frame the start of this journey by locating the big idea and the problem we’re trying to solve.


We must generate whole new practices, concepts and ways of thinking if we’re going to solve our innovation challenge.


We launch, test, adjust and re-launch the innovation until the pilot we are running achieves the measured goals set out.


Once we have breakthrough through piloting our innovation, we need to know why and how it worked so that we can multiply it.


Make it scaleable, removing as many barriers as possible, for as many people as possible, into the brand new breakthrough.

Our Team


Todd Milby lives in Greenville, SC and is the founder of Catapult. He’s planted a church that became a mega church, catalyzed church planting movements and consulted all over the world. Todd serves as the Executive Director.


Rich Robinson lives in Edinburgh, Scotland (though he’s originally from England). He helped lead one of the largest and most pioneering churches in Europe and went on to establish and multiply training centers on five different continents. Rich serves as an Innovation Strategist with the team.


Doug Paul lives in Richmond, VA. He’s planted a church, served as a teaching pastor and help lead a mega church. After innovating a discipleship model that had 7 generation of reproduction, he began helping churches his process of Gospel Innovation. Doug serves as an Innovation Strategist with the team.


Chris Curtis lives in Greenville, SC.  He pastored for 23 years where he church planted, merged churches, campus planted, led inside a larger church setting and taught at the secondary and university levels. Chris serves as a leadership/development coach and consultant for Catapult.


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Robyn Yarborough lives in Greenville, SC and graduated from Furman University. She is a CPA with a background in non-profit accounting and business advisory services.  Robyn serves as Controller for Catapult.  


Ryan currently lives in Bowling Green, OH with his wife, Erin, and their four children. Prior to his current role with Catapult, he served as the Director of Strategic initiatives for The Chapel in Buffalo, NY. While there, he helped with joint venture church planting and regional collaboration initiatives for the Church of Western New York. Ryan has his PhD from The State University of New York at Buffalo, where he studied organizational communication and quantitative statistics. He also completed his seminary work at Liberty Baptist Theological Seminary.


With an English degree, previous jobs with European publishing houses, as well as working as as a freelance editor, Anna Robinson was just the right person to co-launch 100M Publishing. Anna works and lives with her husband, Rich, and three kids in Edinburgh, Scotland and she serves as an editor with the Catapult team.


Anthony Reese lives and works in Greenville, SC. He is passionate about creating digital marketing solutions that look great, function well, and drive conversions. Anthony serves as a web designer and digital communications strategist with the team.