It’s a simple
metaphor, really…

Rather than the medieval contraption hurling things through the air, what we’re referencing is the catapult system that propels a jet off the deck of an aircraft carrier at 165MPH in under two seconds. What’s impressive about the catapult system is not what is seen on the surface, but what lies under the deck. Above deck, you see about two feet of metal on small track. But below? There’s a semi-truck-sized machine with unbelievable sophistication and power. In the world of naval warfare, this innovation was a game-changer.

This is the posture we take as we engage those we serve. We want to be under the deck, propelling you forward towards the God-sized vision He’s given you.


 We exist to help leaders build successful ministries that scale.

Our Team:

Managing Director

Todd lives in Greenville, SC and is the founder of Catapult. He’s planted a church that became a mega church, catalyzed vision and alligned strategy for over 100 organizations, and consulted all over the world. Todd specializes in being able to identify gaps in the organization and call leaders up to their full potential.

Managing Director

Doug Paul is a sought after leader who works with churches, denominations, networks, and socialpreneurs. He lives in Richmond, Virginia, along with his wife, Elizabeth, and three kids, where he also helps lead a local church as an elder and pastor in the city center.

Innovation Strategist

Rich Robinson lives in Edinburgh, Scotland (though he’s originally from England). He helped lead one of the largest and most pioneering churches in Europe and went on to establish and multiply training centers on five different continents.


With an English degree, previous jobs with European publishing houses, as well as working as as a freelance editor, Anna Robinson was just the right person to co-launch 100M Publishing. Anna works and lives with her husband, Rich, and three kids in Edinburgh, Scotland and she serves as an editor with the Catapult team.

Innovation Strategist

Andy hails from N.Ireland and currently resides in Fort Myers, FL. There he serves as part of the lead team, as an elder at Summit Church. Andy has a background in architecture and brings critical thinking and rich design asthetic to the team. He is also a worship leader, songwriter and loves helping leaders shape culture.

Innovation Coach

Chris lives in Greenville, SC where he planted, merged and led a mega church. During his tenure in the pastorate he became passionate about the care and coaching of individuals, and sharpened his teaching skills to a fine art. His passion is to help leaders grow in self awareness so they can flourish in all areas of their lives.

Digital Strategist

Anthony lives and works in Greenville, SC. He is passionate about creating digital marketing solutions that look great, function well, and drive conversions. Anthony serves as a web designer and digital communications strategist with the team.

John Miller
Innovation Consultant

John’s experience and education in cross-cultural ministry make him an expert in organizational culture. He loves equipping ministry leaders for XROI [multiplied return on investment] through scalable strategy, cohesive systems, accountability and share-the-load encouragement.

Innovation Consultant

Ryan currently lives in Bowling Green, OH. Prior to his current role, he served as the Director of Strategic initiatives for The Chapel in Buffalo, NY. While there, he helped with joint venture church planting and regional collaboration initiatives. Ryan has his PhD in organizational communication and quantitative statistics.


Robyn Yarborough lives in Greenville, SC and graduated from Furman University. She is a CPA with a background in non-profit accounting and business advisory services.  Robyn serves as Controller for Catapult.

Finding the future, together.

Finding the future, together.

A few of the companies we’ve worked with: