It’s a simple
metaphor, really…

Rather than the medieval contraption hurling things through the air, what we’re referencing is the catapult system that propels a jet off the deck of an aircraft carrier at 165MPH in under two seconds. What’s impressive about the catapult system is not what is seen on the surface, but what lies under the deck. Above deck, you see about two feet of metal on a small track. But below? There’s a semi-truck-sized machine with unbelievable sophistication and power. In the world of naval warfare, this innovation was a game-changer.

This is the posture we take as we engage those we serve. We want to be under the deck, propelling you forward. We exist to see your vision come to life.


We help high impact nonprofits and mission driven organizations get to the next level.

Core Team

Managing Partner

Todd Milby lives in Greenville, SC and is a Managing Partner of Catapult. Todd founded Catapult in 2015. He has helped catalyze vision and align strategy for hundreds of organizations. He specializes in identifying organizational gaps, creating tailored solutions and calling leaders up to their full potential.

Managing Partner

Doug Paul is a best-selling author and strategist who works with nonprofits, networks, denominations and social entrepreneurs. He specializes in scaling, innovation & organizational development. He lives in Richmond, Virginia, along with his wife, Elizabeth, and three kids, and his Great Dane, Oliver.

Principal & Innovation Coach

Chris lives with his family in Greenville, SC. Through his years of experience in education, ministry, international leadership development and coaching, Chris has developed a keen interest in helping leaders become healthy so they can lead healthy organizations. 

Principal, Innovation Strategist & Creative Director

Andy hails from N.Ireland and currently resides in Atlanta, GA. Andy has a background in architecture and brings critical thinking and rich design aesthetic to the team. He is also a worship leader, songwriter and loves helping leaders shape culture.

Project Coordinator & Executive Assistant

Katie came to Catapult with 7 years of administrative experience in a school district. She now serves as our project coordinator and executive assistant. Katie has three grown children and lives in Greenville, SC with her husband.

Web Designer & Digital Strategist

Jonathan Carone lives in King, NC. He has over a decade of experience in messaging, marketing, and web design. Jonathan believes in helping you reach your audience by showing them how you’re uniquely gifted to solve the problems they’re facing.

Development & Fundraising Specialist

Greg is a Los Angeles based multi-disciplinary coach in the faith-based community. He is a pastor, author, and development consultant. He is a native of Philadelphia and met his wife in college in Ohio. They raised four children in Michigan just outside of Detroit.  Much of Greg’s work in the nonprofit community is an outgrowth of his experience with coaching on how to raise money.

John Miller
Innovation Consultant

John lives with his family in Columbia, SC. For more than twenty years, John has been a guide-by-the-side developing leaders and serving organizations across the globe. His passion is to help leaders become the best version of themselves and help them leverage their skills and experiences to turn their vision into reality.


Frontier Leader

Digital Strategist

Video Director 

Jon Usbourne
Graphic Design

Innovation Strategist

Finding the future, together.

Finding the future, together.

We’ve worked with 1300+ organizations.
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