We Help the Best Nonprofits in the World Create Winning Strategic Plans

Don’t settle for a strategy that collects dust on the shelf. We’ve helped over 1300 nonprofits find future clarity and alignment with our proprietary strategic planning process: The Vision Integrator.

In just 90 days, turn your mission, vision, and goals into an adaptable, actionable strategy that will scale your impact. Want to know our secret sauce?

800M+ Dollars Raised

1300+ Nonprofit Partners

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A Clear Strategic Plan IS the Difference Between Success and Stagnation

Without a strategic plan these things tend to happen:

Fractured Team

Org. unhealth, sideways energy, everyone moving in different directions with very little forward progress. It’s like herding stray cats in a solar eclipse.

Diminishing Impact

“What worked three years ago won’t work well today and certainly won’t work in three years. As Dillon said, the times, they are a-changing – and you’re struggling to keep up, let alone change the world.

Reactive Leadership

Without a clear, measurable plan, leaders and their teams are ruled by the tyranny of the urgent or the whiplash effect of new ideas.

Donor Attrition

This is where it hurts the most. Donors don’t just want pie-in-the-sky vision they want their $$$ to make an impact. You need a smart plan that delivers ROI.

“Strategy is an informed opinion on how to WIN.”

Mark Pollard

In every nonprofit’s journey,
there are pivotal moments.

Times where the tried-and-true strategies of the past begin to falter or even fail. Ironically, the success, expertise, and experience that got you to this point begin to conspire against you. You need a strategic outsider to lead you through a process orientated strategic planning process that will help you build a strategic plan that marries actionable strategy to your vision.

Our team has worked with 1300+ nonprofits in every sector.

Here are just a few of them:

Impact = Vision + Integration

[That’s why our strategic planning offering is called the Vision Integrator]

The Vision Integrator uses design theory techniques and tools to draw the best from every voice in the room. The result is a strategic plan that not only shoots for the moon [Vision], but also can make sure you get there [Integrator]. If we want a strategic plan that works in the real world, we need both of these functions present and fully activated in the Strategic Planning Process for a Nonprofit. 


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There is a difference between having a strategic plan and having a winning strategy

Brad Johnson

Brad Johnson

Founder and CEO of Mission of Hope

“We had grown to a $30 million dollar a year, global Nonprofit, but we felt stuck. Catapult’s strategic planning process not only created a roadmap for us to get to the next level of impact, but it was incredibly energizing and fun. For the first time in a long time, it feels like we have all of our key stakeholders on the same page and rowing in the same direction.”

What You Can Expect
From the Vision Integrator:


When your key stakeholders have a hand in creating the plan, they’ll own the success of the plan.

Future Focused

It evaluates current trends and anticipates the ones around the corner.

KPI Driven

A plan is only working if it helps you take concrete, measurable steps forward.


A plan doesn’t work if it only works on a piece of paper. It has to work with your real life bandwidth.


We genuinely believe this process will be one of the highlights of the year for you and your stakeholders.


The lanscape of culture is constantly changing and a winning strategy brings fresh insights and ideas.

Vision Integrator Visual Process

While we always customize to your unique needs, here’s a template of the Vision Integrator:

Vision Integrator Detailed Overview

  • Duration: 3-4 months
  • Location: Virtual and in-person
  • Facilitation: 9+ sessions led by Catapult’s Innovation Strategists
  • Stakeholders Engagement: Surveys, online work sessions and two day in-person
  • Customization: Highly tailored to your organizational needs, pain points and unique DNA
  • Deliverables: Written and digital Strategic Plan with applicable KPI’s, 90-Day refresh coaching session, Change Management Plan, Accountability Rhythm, Team and Stakeholder Development
  • Follow-Up: Activation Session thirty days after planning is complete, followed by a 90-Day Coaching Session and quarterly plan refresh
  • Financial Investment: Determined by your level of customization
Daniel Yang

Daniel Yang

Director, Churches of Hope, World Relief

Catapult will help you think strategically and locally about this unique moment in history and the necessity to adapt not just our methods, but how we think about mission and effectiveness in the twenty-first century. Their process is going to be an inflection point for so many leaders.

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