FUEL Funding Lab

Helping you build a sustainable, future proof economic engine for your organization.

The Funding Problem:

The funding models for many non-profits were built over 50 years ago and these older models are generating less and less. Simultaneously, they have become increasingly more difficult to execute.

Furthermore, most economists believe that the slight downturn of a post-pandemic economy will end up in a full blown recession by spring of 2023.

The FUEL Solution:

You need a new funding model that works. Modifying your current tactics or simply investing more time and energy is a dead end. You need a new, customized roadmap for your financial engine.

This 6 month process exists to help you and your leadership team create and activate a funding plan that is custom built from your organization’s unique DNA and the assets you have at your disposal.

If vision is the place you feel called to go, funding is the rocket fuel you’ll need to get there.

Create a New Economic Engine


Updating the foundations and playbook of your revenue model


Maximizing the “low risk-high reward” opportunities you are positioned to utilize.


Helping you adapt to the cultural changes that have deeply affected North American giving trends

Using our proven practices, we can help you increase your annual revenue by at least 12% in 12 months.

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We’ll formulate a gauge by which you can estimate how much more you could increase your annual revenue!We’ll also unpack your areas of strength and highlight your biggest opportunities to increase your revenue.

Increase your funding by 12% in 12 months or your money back.

Participants in the FUEL Funding Lab who have integrated our proven strategic practices and do not experience a 12% increase in their annual revenue within a year of completing the Lab will be entitled to a full refund. That’s how strongly we believe in the results of this process!

What to expect in the FUEL Funding Lab:


The FUEL Funding Lab cohort lasts for 6 months.


The cohort begins with a 2-day live, onsite kick off. You will spend time in our homes as well as Catapult’s Innovation Center. 


The rest of the Lab will be monthly work sessions lasting 3 hours via the Zoom video platform.


Each work session ends with NEXT STEPS that arise from your FUEL Roadmap. The only way to make progress is to be action oriented!

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What would your organization do with a 12% increase in revenue?

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February 2023.

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