FUEL Funding Lab

Helping Churches grow their Giving and Create a Generosity Culture

The Funding Problem:

The financial model churches use was built 70+ years ago and you’re seeing what we’re seeing: It’s really not working like it used to.

Additionally, most economists believe there’s at least a slight economic downturn coming. If you’re a pastor or church leader, you’re already feeling those tremors.

Finally, not only are there significant generational shifts in how people give, but the the greatest transfer of wealth in human history is just starting to happen as Boomers move into retirement.

HEADLINE: The current church funding model isn’t working well, is exhausting, and leaves church leaders unprepared for the future.

The FUEL Solution:

You need a new, customized giving playbook, updating your current tactics and adjusting for surprising (and encouraging!) generational shifts.

This 6 month process exists to help you and your leadership team create and activate a funding plan that is custom built from your church’s unique DNA and the assets you have at your disposal. Furthermore, you’ll create a Generosity Discipleship Plan that will help the people in your church grow into spiritual maturity around all aspects of generosity in their life.

You walk away with a customized strategic plan, chalk full of fresh thinking and best practices, that will help you lead into the future with confidence.

If vision is the place you feel called to go, funding is the rocket fuel you’ll need to get there.

Create a New Giving Engine for Your Church


Updating the foundations and playbook of your giving model


Maximizing the “low risk-high reward” opportunities you are positioned to utilize.


Helping you adapt to the cultural changes that have deeply affected North American giving trends

Using our proven practices, we can help your church increase giving by at least 12% in 12 months.


(or your money back)

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We’ll formulate a gauge by which you can estimate how much more you could increase your annual revenue! We’ll also unpack your areas of strength and highlight your biggest opportunities to increase your revenue.

Increase your giving by 12% in 12 months or your money back.

Churches in the FUEL Funding Lab who have integrated our proven strategic practices and do not experience a 12% increase in their annual giving within a year of completing the Lab will be entitled to a full refund. That’s how strongly we believe in the results of this process!

What to expect in the FUEL Funding Lab:


The FUEL Funding Lab cohort lasts for 6 months.



You'll walk away with a tailored stategic plan and tactics that we begin activating during the Lab, so you get real-time feedback.


We bring the most up-to-date learning of best practices that work, helping you create a playbook that delivers early wins and works right away.


We provide ongoing coaching with experts during the 6-month process, and include quarterly coaching for the following year in the price of the Lab.


The cohort begins with a 2-day live, onsite kickoff. You will spend time in our homes as well as Catapult's Innovation Center.


The rest of the Lab will be monthly work sessions lasting 3 hours via the Zoom video platform.

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What would your church do with a 12% increase in giving?

Next Lab:

January 23-25, 2024.

Greenville, SC.