FUEL Funding Lab

12% increase in 12 months
or your money back.

The Funding Problem:

The funding models for most churches and non-profits was built more than 50 years ago. These old models for generating revenue are working less and less, while they are simultaneously harder and harder to execute. Furthermore, most economists believe that the slight downturn of a post-pandemic economy will end up in a full blown recession by spring of 2023.


The FUEL Solution:

What leaders need is a not just a new funding model, but one that works for the new world we are living in. You don’t need to do the same tactics harder; you need a new playbook. This 6 month process exists to help you and your leadership team create and activate a funding plan that is custom built from your organization’s unique DNA and the assets you have at your disposal.

If vision is the place you feel called to go, funding is the rocket fuel you’ll need to get you there.

The Lab Helps You
Create a New Economic Engine


Updating the foundations and playbook of your revenue model


Maximize the low hanging fruit in your current revenue (and potential donor pool) that is ripe for the taking.


Helping you adapt to the cultural changes that have deeply affected North American giving trends

Hear more about how our FUEL Funding Lab cohort can help you increase your annual revenue by at least 12% in 12 months.

What’s your current FUEL Funding Score?

Take this free 5 minute assessment and not only find out what your FUEL Funding Score is, but we’ll generate a report unpacking some of your biggest opportunities to increase your revenue.

12% increase in 12 months or your money back.

If you’re a participant in a FUEL Funding Lab cohort and follow all the checkpoints after…if you don’t see at least 12% increase in your annual revenue within a year of completing the Lab, we’ll give you your money back. That’s how strongly we believe in the results of this process.

What to expect in the FUEL Funding Lab:


The FUEL Funding Lab cohort lasts for 6 months. Depending on holidays and the intersection of schedules, we sometimes add an extra month to ensure we’ve accomplished all of our deliverables.


The cohort begins with a 2-day live, onsite kick off. You’ll spend time in our homes as well as at the 1717 Innovation Center. We’ll have great meals, killer drinks and of course…a wildly productive time creating your FUEL Roadmap.


The rest of the Lab will happen online through the Zoom video platform. It happens once a month, with each work session lasting three hours.


Each work session ends with simple next steps coming from your FUEL roadmap you’ve created. We don’t believe in just talking about things, but actually doing the things we’re coaching on. 

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12% increase in 12 months or your money back.

Next Lab: February 2023.
Location: Richmond, VA.