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EBOOK: 10 Church Predictions for the Next 10 Years

We spent 6 months working with a cultural anthropologist and a small team of collaborators to explore what the North American church might look like in ten years. Including a discussion guide to use with teams, this free ebook is a powerful tool for understanding the macro trends of our culture and how we can lead within it.


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Free Ebook: How Social Movements Scale
Free Ebook: How Social Movements Scale

As Christian leaders, we need to understand there’s more than one way to scale. Which is right for you? What do do comedians, razor blades, best sellers and bracelets all tell us about the future of the church? Well, they give us a window into understanding how social...

The Red Herring of the Future Church Conversation
The Red Herring of the Future Church Conversation

The last few months there's been a proliferation of articles and podcasts focused on what the "future of the North American church" will be. This is a natural thing, I suppose. As leaders start thinking and planning for a life on the other side of a global pandemic...

The Future of Discipleship
The Future of Discipleship

About once a quarter, Catapult invites five thought leaders (and practitioners) to share their insights around the same five questions, all geared around a certain topic. The topic this quarter? The Future of Discipleship. In almost every way we can measure, and every...

Ready or Not: Kingdom Innovation for a Brave New World

There was a time when Christians pioneered the future: From business to church, from mathematics to justice reform. Along the way, that redemptive, adaptive movement began to gild in gold the victories of the past, leaving us change averse and frozen-in-time.

But ready or not, the invitation is for kingdom leaders to reclaim their calling to innovate.

Weaving together stories with surprising twists, studies with striking conclusions, and spellbinding cultural analysis, innovation strategist Doug Paul unlocks the five phases of kingdom innovation. Practical, hope-filled, and endlessly readable, Ready or Not reveals that whenever God’s people have leaned into innovation, the world has shifted on its axis.

Mark Batterson

“Prepare to be surprised and delighted, and ultimately, roused to action.”

Danielle Strickland

“This book is coming at exactly the perfect moment…”

Will Mancini

“Provocative and compelling, this is an essential book to help us meet the moment.”

Discipleship Infographic

We took a survey of more than 3800 church leaders to get a sense of their experience of discipleship in their local church and the larger Western church. We then took that data and turned it into a free downloadable PDF infographic, using this unique visual format to draw out some conclusions that are both illuminating and challenging.

Person of Peace Tool

What if Jesus was the best evangelist who ever lived? What if taught a simple principle for how to do evangelism that could innovate into any place, in any time, with any people? 

Read the in depth chapter on the Person of Peace Principle, starting with the teachings and life of Jesus, exploring the book of Acts and straight into present day life:

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In this ebook which many use for staff teams and small groups, people will be able to identify their growth stage, barriers for that stage, the “spiritual gold” they pick up in that stage and calls people to take practical next steps to move forward. Included are discussion questions that make it easy to jump straight into a meaningful conversation about what God is calling people into in their next season of spiritual maturity. 


Recorded from the home of (and led by) Andy and Rachel Graham, this stirring worship album captures a moment in time of worshippers not only being led in worship, but helping set the table for a spiritual pot luck. You’ll get a front row seat for what a decentralized worship environment and training body can look like in the life of a local church, with loads of imromptu teaching moments along the way.


Jesus had three great loves in his life: His father, his spiritual family and the lost. All of his life was patterned around and given to these loves. In the same way that Jesus did this, we have the opportunity to do the same, with his very Spirit inside of us. This whiteobard video powerfully illustrates the how we can pattern our lives after Jesus and how, when a church does this, it becomes the Gospel made visible.