Very Limited Registration:

In order to provide the right kind of environment for this unique experience, we have very limited capacity.

Event: October 12-14, 2021


2-Day Microchurch Taster


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It’s an understatement to say that interest in Microchurches is surging! The KCU team has interacted with literally thousands of church leaders in digital workshops and webinars since the beginning of COVID, with just one of those webinars had more than 1000 people in it. But as you know, hearing about something and experiencing something are very different things. This Taster is a 2-Day, live immersion in Kansas City where you’ll get a much more under-the-hood experience of Microchurch leadership and what the vision of a “Microchurch Hub” could look like for you, in your context. We strongly encourage you to do this experience with at least one other person on your team.


This 2-day Taster event is Led by Rob Wegner, Brian Johnson (KC Underground) & Doug Paul (Catapult). This event is happening in Kansas City so you’re able to see where one of these Microchurch movements is happening, meet the leaders and get into the nuts-and-bolts of what God is up to. We strongly encourage you to do this experience with at least one other person on your team, as it’s been designed for small teams of people.

The 48 hour experience will include:

  • More in depth training on Microchurches
  • You’ll rub shoulders with Microchurch leaders, hear their stories and get to ask questions
  • Experience what a Microchurch gathering looks/feels like over a dinner together
  • Training around identifying and mobilizing Persons of Peace
  • Loads of discussion and Question and Answer with the team
  • Dream Napkin exercise around what a Hub could look like in your context
  • We’ll help you develop a simple strategic plan so you walk away knowing your concrete next steps

Because of the experiential nature of this event, capacity is very limited. We apologize in advance for when registration closes.



  • This event begins at 1pm on Tuesday, October 12 and concludes at 12pm on Thursday, October 14
  • The cost of this event includes all your materials, meeting space, 2 books, Tuesday night dinner and Wednesday lunch. The remaining meals will be on your own.


If you are planning on attending this experience but were not able to be part of our 3-hour Microchurch Digital Workshop, please let us know and we will send you the video replay. This is the only pre-work we’d ask you to have ready.