August 17 Microchurch Digital Workshop


In the last few years, one of the most successful innovations in the North American church has been the development of Microchurches. Led by Rob Wegner, Brian Johnson (KC Underground) & Doug Paul (Catapult), this interactive, 3-hour digital workshop gives a crash-course introduction to all things Microchurch. (See more detailed description below.)

Date: August 17 @ 2pm ET

This workshop is a collaborative initiative between the KC Underground, Catapult and Exponential.



About the Microchurch Workshop

More Details:

Increasingly, pastors and Christian leaders are seeing that the ministry models and paradigms that worked in the past aren’t working like they used to. Yet in the midst of the pandemic, gospel expressions called Microchurches are thriving.

People are writing books about themMagazines are featuring them as a key to the futureInfluential conferences are giving airtime and talking about them.

All over North America, leaders are asking questions about Microchurches and this 3-hour digital workshop is designed to give you the introduction you’ve been asking for.

Led by Rob Wegner (a pioneering leader of Microchurches and and a visionary leader of the KC Underground), Doug Paul (an innovation strategist with Catapult) and other members of the team, this dynamic, interactive workshop will help you answer the following questions:

  1. What is a Microchurch and why is everyone talking about them?
  2. If we use Microchurches, where could it lead?
  3. Are Microchurches right for us?
  4. What are my next steps?

Whether you’re just hearing about Microchurches for the first time or have already decided to explore this expression of the church, this workshop is probably a great next step for you.

Date: August 17 @ 2pm ET 

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