Mastering the Art of Digital Training



We’ve been training pastors and Christian leaders in digital spaces for more than a decade and most recently, we trained more than 10,000+ leaders in coaching groups when the pandemic hit (You can read the full story here). In the last few months we were asked to put together a workshop that equipped a group of network leaders in how to make the most of the digital training space and it was a runaway hit.

As such, we wanted to spend more time on that training, open it up and make that workshop available to everyone. This 4-hour, live workshop is called Mastering the Art of Digital Training.


In it, our team will:

  • Help you understand the mechanics of online training
  • Outline the 6 Principles for digital training engagement
  • Walk alongside of you as you design your own training spaces
  • Teach you how to use simple digital platforms (so you don’t have to be a rocket scientist)
  • Create space for live troubleshooting and Q &A
  • Walk through practical practical “tips and tricks” for digital training (including our own comedy of errors from things we’ve learned the hard way!)
  • Introduce the “Know/Feel/Do” tool for online use
  • Give you a plug-and-play template for 4-week training modules
  • Model, throughout the entire workshop, how you can use digital training to be a breakthrough space


The live workshop is on March 18, from 11am to 3pm ET

It will include a little pre-work to get you ready for the workshop

We will include a PDF of worksheets to have ready and printed the day-of

You’ll have access to the video replay of the workshop